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Days that I think are okay and not okay to propose on

New Years: OKAY!

New Years is a time for new beginnings and promises so its a completely appropriate time to propose. Also fireworks.

Valentines Day: OKAY!

Its a little dorky to be proposed to on Valentines Day but it is a day for love.

Birthday: NOT OKAY!

A birthday is supposed to be just for the person having a birthday not about you two as a couple. It’s their day and leave it like that.

April fools day: NOT OKAY!

I should not have to say why.

4th of July: OKAY!

I think it’s kind of weird but I could see how it could be romantic with fireworks.

Halloween: OKAY!

Halloween is a great time to propose if ya’ll are into couples costumes and that time of the year.

Thanksgiving: OKAY!

Its okay to propose but it would be a weird time but I guess its about togetherness. Its a good time if you want all of the family there.

Christmas/ Other religious holidays: NOT OKAY!

I know on these holidays its all about togetherness like thanksgiving but its also about whatever religion you, your fiance, or family are into. Its a little disrespectful to make it all about you and if religion isn’t a factor for you than why would you consider proposing on these days.

Last thoughts: I think its more special for a proposal to be on a random day instead of on a holiday. They can see it coming most of the time and if you think they would be disappointed if you didn’t then plan to do it before hand when they don’t see it coming.

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Art & Gems has this gorgeous Pokemon inspired concept engagement ring up on their site. The ring is comprised of a Created Ruby and Cubic Zirconium and also has a wedding band made of topaz stones to complement it. 

You can email the company to get on the list when they start offering the real thing one day.  Bonus points if you propose while wearing one of these Gen 1 Gym Badges Polos

This ring is the very best like no ring ever was.

(Source: artgemsjewelers.com, via fangurley-personal)

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